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Bibliografia Básica 2009/02/12

Posted by gsavix in Memorando.

1 – Schwartz, Peter “The art of the long view planning for the future in an uncertain world”, NY, Currency, 1996


2 – Senge, Peter et al. (orgs) “The fifth discipline fieldbook. Strategies and tools for building a learning organization”, NY, DoubleDay, 1994


3 – The Dance of change: the challenges of sustaining momentum in learning organization, s/d


4 – Ackoff, Russel, “Redesigning the Future: A systems approach to societal problems”, NY, John Wiley & Sons, 1974


5 – Arthur, Brian, “Unit one: decisions, decisions”, in “Fast Company”, n. 18, october 1998


6 – Berlin, Isaiah, “The crooked timber of humanity:” chapter in the history of ideas”, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1990


7 – Bohn, David & Eduards, Mark, “Changing Conciousness: Exploring the hidden source of the social, political and environmental crises facing our world”, NY, Harper Collins, 1991




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